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Catch Gili Gould as Dot Conner – Webtective on Minno Kids, YouTube & More

Gili found her love of acting in early elementary school through competitive speech, plays and musical performances, as well as an after school theater program. She’s been smitten with acting ever since.

These days, you will find Gili prefers to sharpen her acting chops in front of the camera rather than on the stage. “I feel a stronger connection with the intimacy of the camera and the subtlety it allows an actor to express emotions in a more natural way.” Her recent work in feature film, short film, commercial, television and music video productions has increased her confidence on camera and her comfort level working with a wide range of production styles and scales.

Gili recently received awards for Content 2022 Best Female Lead TV/Web and Best Teen Actress TV/Web as well as the Christian Online Film Festival 2022 winner for Best Teen Actress.

She balances her regular schedule of training in classes and workshops with time participating in the other activities she loves including cheer, reading, music and crafts. She is a straight A Honors level student, and competes regularly at a State Championship level in Speech, Poetry, Prose, Solo and Duet performances.